Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dogartees Free Painting Contest Photos


Have you checked out No? Well today's a great day to start reading it!

It's a blog done by my friends Mingus and Dottie's mom! She posts all sorts of cool stuff on the blog, and mom loves it! I love it because mom will sometimes buy me some of that cool stuff found on Phetched!

Click here to check out their giveaway right now! It's for a really cool leash. Mom says it'll help with our walks and running errands. I think she just wants to stop tying my leash to her belt loops... because sometimes I pull and if her jeans are loose.. well.. she either comes or the pants will. BOL!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Really mom... foster puppies? WHY?!

Mom got a call and was asked to foster one puppy, yet somehow she comes home with two of them. Something about another dog being sick at the vets office and she felt bad... the woman needs to learn to say No.

So here they are the furballs, Lila and Lindsey. They're pretty cute I guess and mom's very impressed, I've been pretty nice to them. When they get near my toys I don't even growl as loud as I did with the other fosters. I mean come on.. look at them, they're so tiny, a loud growl will probably scare them to pieces.

Lindsey's getting braver, despite being startled she'll eventually come back to check things out. Lila still stands between mom's legs all the time and is a fraidy cat. She won't even pee outside she's so afraid! Instead this morning she pees in the bathroom while mom is showering and then her and Lindsey step in it and pace in front of the shower. GROSS.

I pressed myself up against the wall and climbed up on to the tray of stuff under the towel rack to get away. *sigh* Puppies.. really mom.. really..

I've got to keep an eye on my toys all the time so they don't get any, but I did let them eat my left over kibble, they're kinda skinny and could use it. Lindsey also likes to stare at my mom a lot, weirdo. Me and Lila end up just snoozing next to her. :) I'm pretty sure they'll get adopted quickly, they're cute and fun and soon they'll be outta my hair and I'll have mom to myself again. Can't wait!