Monday, April 27, 2009

You think dogs will not be in Heaven?

I tell you, they will be there long before any of us...

- Robert Louis Stevenson

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beach Weekend!

This past weekend was fantastic! I got to spend two days at the beach with mom. First beach was Seabright in Santa Cruz, I got to just hang out in the sun. First I started off under the chair, dug myself a nice, cool hole to sit in.

Then when it got too cold (it was windy!) I'd find a nice sunny spot to enjoy me treat.. napping in the sun was more fun than the treat though. BOL. Mom was shocked, I didn't even want to finish my Best Bully Sticks bully stick!

I'm telling you it's tough being a dog. When the sun got to hot, it was back under the chair. Did you know that sand makes a pretty comfy pillow? :D

The next day it was off to Surfer's Beach in Half Moon Bay to meet up with my pals Emma, Jazmine, and Harley! Plus their peoples. :) These pups LOVE to play frisbee and ball, well Emma's more into play and chase. So much fun! I saw this squeaky ball I loved.. so I was a little pre-occupied.

Come on squeaker.. get outta there.. okay so I didn't get it out, but it was a great day. We stopped by Barbara's Fish Trap and I got to eat some of mom's fish sandwich and some fries! Delicious. What a great weekend!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hugging my feet

Dead tired and snoring...

The view!

Having lunch at Aldo's!

Nice place, yummy food, I even got to try calamari! Lots of dogs
around, they even bring water for the pups. :)

Watching stuff at the beach

Friday, April 3, 2009

@pestkaj on Twitter is having a Dog Treat Contest!

Holy hot dogs!! A contest that's centered around food and treats? I had to get onto my blog and start posting to get entries into
so I can try to win some more food. It's not that mom doesn't feed me.. but really.. a dog can NEVER have too many treats!

I just popped over to take a look at what kind of treats there are and you HAVE to take a look at this pumpkin bread! It looks so good mom wants to try it! Stay away mom.. then again, maybe she'll buy some for me if she thinks they look that good!

Now I don't normally like vegetables.. but in a cracker with some cheese?! I've got to try these!

So here are the rules (quoted from

How to Enter
The giveaway is limited to the U.S. only. The winners will be picked by the randomizer, but Dave will be rooting for the puggles!

If you do not have a blogger account you may e-mail your entries to me at pestkaj(at)yahoo(dot)com or send me a facebook message.

First entry (must be done for other entries to count)- Visit Lainey's etsy shop and tell me which treat you think your dog would like best.

Additional Entries: please make one post for each additional entry

Follow @laineyspawtique on twitter (1 entry) DONE!

Tweet this giveaway (1 entry per day) DONE!

Purchase any item from Lainey's Pawtique (5 entries!) - mom's holding me back from this one just yet, we still have two bags of fresh baked cookies to get through... well they would be finished if she let me eat them at MY own pace!

Blog about this giveaway (3 entries)DONE!.. hence this blog post. *grin*

Fave this blog on technorati – linky on the sidebar(1 entry)DONE!

Become a fan of Lainey's Pawtique on Facebook (1 entry)DONE!

Follow me on blogger or subscribe via e-mail (1 entry)DONE!

The giveaway will close April 13th at 12 AM CST. Good luck everyone!

... now I just have to find a way into the fridge to get at all my current treats, when the supply is empty she'll HAVE to replenish!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I amaze even myself..

at how small I can curl/fold myself.