Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mom says I'm getting pudgy..

despite flyball, daycare, walks and games of fetch!

Yay for Flyball!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Makayla was Adopted!

Well it's official, my play buddy/secret snuggle friend was adopted Saturday. Her new home sounds really pawsome though! She gets walks in the morning and at night, goes to work with her new daddy on some days. He loves to groom so she'll be looking sparkly and pretty all the time! Good thing she doesn't mind being handled all over.. I HATE getting my nails clipped! She's got a nice yard to run around in and a comfy home, it's actually not too far from us so maybe one day we can meet up for a playdate!

Mom thought I would miss her a lot but I think mom misses her more. At least she doesn't need to worry about me digging in the yard with Makayla anymore. :D BOL! The plus side is I get two days of daycare since mom feels guilty about leaving me at home while she's at work since my buddy is gone. hehe.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Intruder #2!

Okay.. she's more fun than the last one but still.. do you know how hard it is to monitor all your toys! I do like her quite a bit though, she's a lot of fun to play with. We chase each other and wrestle around the house, up on the bed, off the bed, down the hallway, while mom is trying to watch tv, while mom is trying to sleep.. glee!! Of course we have to stop and rest too.

Anyway, mom says she's a sweetheart, whatever that means. She's not as much of a lap dog as I am, but she does love being petted, she'll even lean into people for it. Her name is Makayla and she's a spaniel (mom thinks Cavalier King Charles) mix. We're trying to find her a good home, hopefully with someone who's around a lot and hopefully has another doggie for her to play with.

I'll be honest, I love having mom all to myself, but it's actually been a lot of fun with her here. I think I'll miss her when she gets adopted.


It's a tough life I lead.. spent the day meeting some new dogs, playing with my foster sister, begging for and not getting any of mom and her friends roast lunch (then again it was a vegetarian roast.. ick) and then barking as more tree vendors came to ring the door bell.

Time for a nap.. again! :D

Friday, March 6, 2009