Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beach Weekend!

This past weekend was fantastic! I got to spend two days at the beach with mom. First beach was Seabright in Santa Cruz, I got to just hang out in the sun. First I started off under the chair, dug myself a nice, cool hole to sit in.

Then when it got too cold (it was windy!) I'd find a nice sunny spot to enjoy me treat.. napping in the sun was more fun than the treat though. BOL. Mom was shocked, I didn't even want to finish my Best Bully Sticks bully stick!

I'm telling you it's tough being a dog. When the sun got to hot, it was back under the chair. Did you know that sand makes a pretty comfy pillow? :D

The next day it was off to Surfer's Beach in Half Moon Bay to meet up with my pals Emma, Jazmine, and Harley! Plus their peoples. :) These pups LOVE to play frisbee and ball, well Emma's more into play and chase. So much fun! I saw this squeaky ball I loved.. so I was a little pre-occupied.

Come on squeaker.. get outta there.. okay so I didn't get it out, but it was a great day. We stopped by Barbara's Fish Trap and I got to eat some of mom's fish sandwich and some fries! Delicious. What a great weekend!


I am Lainey ...Sister is Chloe .. said...

I am SOOO jealous, next time call i can have a pawkini ready in a SEC!!! Your day looked like aLOT of fun!

LouPeb said...

You lucky dog! I've never been to a dog beach yet. But mom promised me we'd go someday. :)


Douche said...

Does Morgan get free bully sticks every time you mention bestbullysticks?

Do I get one now, too?