Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best Bully Sticks

Mom first heard of bully sticks a few years ago and on her search for healthy ones at a good price she came across Best Bully Sticks soon after she adopted me! Typically mom doesn't really endorse much but this company and their products have really made a difference in my health and on mom's pocket book!

The bully sticks she used to get from Petco always smelled and felt greasy, she was really pleased when the first batch came and the smell was minimal and the sticks looked good and weren't oily. I LOVE them, without a doubt, when that box comes, my nose is all over it! Let me tell ya.. paws are awful when it comes to trying to get a box open and mom laughs when I start gnawing on the side to try and get it open.

That's me enjoying a 6 inch Beef Trachea!

Mom also won me an Ostrich Tendon through #barkhunt on Twitter and WOWIE, my eyes almost bugged out of my head at the size of it. It took me the whole hour during the Barkhunt Scavenger Hunt to finish it! Granted she kept bugging me to take photos..

Things I like at Best Bully Sticks:
Bully Bites (1 lb.)- this is a bag of small bully sticks, great for those times when mom wants me occupied for just a bit (like when she's eating dinner). :D
Sam's Yam's Veggie Rawhide 1lb Bag - I hate vegetables, but I'll eat sweet potatoe!

Antlerz - these are naturally shed deer antlers, takes a really long time to finish them and usually I'll forget where I left the last 3/4 inch of the chew.. until mom trips over it. :D
Jumbo Beef Tendons & Curly Bully Sticks - Mom find these to last longer than bully sticks for me, particularly the Curly Bully Sticks.. those are great!
Plato Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil - This has helped soften my coat and make it shinier and healthier! Combined with my pre-made raw diet my health has been really good and it's yummy!

Not sure what to order? Try their sampler packs, mom and I both love these, it gives a great variety of my favorite chews!

So what are you waiting for? Click the link to the right or click here to go order some now! Mom even became an affiliate for the shop, so if you click and order, I get to get more treats - you know a dog can never have enough treats. :D

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